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The Macquarie Homestay units, to accommodate family members of patients in Dubbo Hospital, opened earlier this year. Families from western areas of the state, including some from Nyngan, are currently availing themselves of these units instead of paid accommodation in Dubbo. At the meeting last week Council agreed to fund the fit out of one of these rooms, costing $33,000, as a contribution to this very worthwhile provision of accommodation for those needing to stay in Dubbo for medical reasons.

Some final adjustments were made to our 2019/20 budget at last week’s meeting. We have refused to pay the last minute increase of $25,000 to the Emergency Service Levy thrown at Council right on budget time by the State Government. We hope efforts by Local Government NSW will convince the Government to pay this extra $19M on behalf of all NSW’s Councils. Councillors have again agreed to donate their 2.7% allowable increase in their Councillor allowance to either Can Assist or The Hospital Axillary. Our Federal Financial Assistance Grants which increased by 5% last year, look to only increase by 1.3% this year, cutting about $150,000 of this amount. However, we still head into next financial year with a small surplus across all funds of $15,000. Our roadworks program, particularly maintenance grading and gravel resheeting may also have to be cut back if the dry weather continues and water is not available. We are waiting on details of what reduction will have to occur to our high security water allocation for this next water year with Burrendong Dam now down to 5%.

Councillors inspected the emergency water storage just south of town last week and it is reassuring to see it almost full. This 700mgs of water, along with the weir pool almost full, provides some security for Nyngan and Cobar town as we start the new year. Councillors and some staff headed out on a road tour last Wednesday and found all the roads in the southern section of the Shire that we travelled on in good condition. The improved shape of the roads, and better materials being used for gravel resheeting, maintains our unsealed roads in much better all-weather condition.

With the State and Federal budgets and elections now behind us, and water shortages caused by the drought still a major future problem, no plans or policies to provide new infrastructure to store and transfer water can be heard. No amount of Royal Commissions, investigations and State Federal arguments will produce the necessary extra water needed to help many inland rivers meet the extra water extraction demand that now exists. Surely some bipartisan infrastructure projects can start to take water from where its plentiful and have it available when situations like we are currently experiencing occur again.

Congratulations to Michelle and her team whose commendable efforts to upgrade the garden beds in the main street greatly improves the appearance of our town.

Council extends sympathy to the family of the late Neil Butler who served as a Councillor on Bogan Shire Council from 1977 to 1991.

Ray Donald OAM
Bogan Shire Council

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