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As a community that has experienced a Natural Disaster I am sure our sympathetic thoughts are with all those people so adversely effected by the bush fires in the north of the state, which sadly seems to have the weather potential to continue. As in our Shire, the drought has had devastating effects on these areas, and whilst we have nothing to burn, there has been a long build-up of dry consumable material in so many of these areas, particularly National Parks. Surely out of this drought will come two things free of any time consuming inquiries, investigations, political slanging matches and unnecessary delays for assistance. One is more infrastructure to store more water and two very tightly controlled slow cool burns in areas where there has been a conspicuous build up dry fuel with the RFS carrying out the same level of ground control that they have been forced to do during the emergencies. The efforts of all the volunteers must be greatly commended as they have battled fires and dangers that are unpredicted.   Council has donated $10,000 to the Salvation Army appeal to help the victims of this Natural Disaster.

Thank you to the local RSL sub-Branch, local businesses and all others involved in the restoration of the gun outside the RSL. These efforts will make sure it has pride of place for many years into the future.

The Prime Minister recently announced some more drought assistance measures that will benefit our Shire. We are to receive another $1M in drought relief with similar anticipated criteria as the last one. More long term low interest loans and loans to help small businesses have also be announced. Loans, helpful though they may be, are extra debt that has to be paid back in the future. Whist the Stronger Country Communities funding, and Federal Government money has helped local employment, small business purchases and enabled us to have some improvements to our town that would otherwise not have been possible, the drought continues with no harvest this year, which is badly needed in some form of rate relief to everyone to generate some cash. When the Prime Minister made this announcement he said it was now up to the State Government to do some more assistance like rate relief. A major payment of money to Local Government would enable Councils like ours to rebate some of each ratepayers’ instalment and give some cash to people to spend. Hopefully State Cabinets’ visits to some western Shires later this week will see some announcements along these lines.

As Christmas approaches, aware that we are of the increase in online shopping, and that we all have trips to Dubbo, please try and ensure that local businesses purchases make up a large proportion of the Christmas stocking.

Ray Donald OAM


From the Mayor’s Desk

Nyngan Observer / Wednesday 20 November 2019

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