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April ends up being the busiest month of the financial year for Councillors and Staff with four meetings to be held.  Planning for next financial year’s budget occurs with a Budget Workshop on the 8 April.  A lot of work by staff goes into the preparation of each budget, and this meeting gives Councillors a chance to ask questions and obtain an initial understanding of next year’s financial plans.  We have an annual Village Tour on 15 April, giving representatives from each Village the chance to discuss any local issues and receive an update on their respective checklists.  Our April Council meeting on the 22nd will also give us the chance to host Seniors Week Morning Tea and announce our Senior Citizen of the Year.  Then our actual Estimates Meeting will be held on the 29th to finalise our Draft Budget for 21/22 to be put out for public consultation.  Not a lot of joy ahead there, as we are apparently facing substantial increases in mandatory areas like workers compensation insurance, Emergency Services Levy, insurance premiums, superannuation and a 2% wage increase for staff that is set external to Council.

At our last meeting, Councillors supported a suggestion to establish an Honour Board within Shires premises to record recipients of National Awards in Bogan Shire, prior the Australian Awards of the 1980’s.  Names already known are 1918 Arthur Hall VC, 1972 Gwen McLaughlin OBE, 1976 Wilfred Gibson OEM and BEM, 1977 Gert Salcole BEM and Jessica Holmes BEM, 1979 Ken Ingram BEM.  Also other National Awards like 2019 Rob Avard AFSM.  If you know of anyone from your family who has received a similar award, please let myself or General Manager Derek Francis know.

It would seem that all the major annual events at our Showground Racecourse Complex will be able to go ahead this year, subject to necessary State Health Covid Regulations.  This means we can look forward to Anzac Day Races, Duck Creek, Ag Expo and Nyngan Show.  The Anzac Day March and other services on Anzac Day can also proceed.  Stormco still intend to visit, but have put their trip off until the second week of the school holidays.  Also worthy to note is that the five churches in Nyngan (Anglican, Baptist, Catholic 3CN and Uniting), have all agreed to hold a combined service on one Sunday this year, inviting members of all other congregations to attend.

Efforts continue to have the Bureau of Meteorology recommence daily weather readings at the airport weather station.  They certainly aren’t breaking their neck to do this, but after numerous phone calls and delays, even with a local person prepared to do this, some training is necessary they say, and then subject to successful negotiations, the readings should recommence.  Weatherwise though, our sympathetic thoughts would be with those coastal and near inland residents suffering from the very severe flooding currently occurring.  Some river height levels going back to the 1960’s have been exceeded from this one in one hundred year weather event.  Reports from many local Bogan Shire paddocks are that you could bog a duck in them, which hopefully will start to drown all the mice.

Public Works Advisory inspected the town levee on the 18th and 19th January this year and advised verbally that there were no major issues found during the inspection.  An updated manual guides Council inspections and maintenance activities with the levee bank. 

A busy time for the Museum and Visitors Information Centre with 50 people reported through the Museum last week.

Ray Donald OAM


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