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Council held a Budget Workshop earlier this month to look at a draft budget for 2021/22 in preparation for our Annual Estimates Meeting on 29 April 2021.  Council will again look at measures to put in place a balanced budget maintaining the services we are responsible for, and carry out a capital works program to maintain roadworks and some infrastructure projects.  We have certainly been fortunate to receive a lot of State and Federal Grant funding during this year, and earlier, but this money cannot be used for any operational expenses. We are looking at an approximate increase of half a million dollars (6%) in half a dozen mandatory areas.  These mandatory expenses areas total almost 1/3 of our expenditure in a $20M budget.  We continue to depend heavily on our Financial Assistance Grants for 1/3 of our income.  If State and Federal Governments expect small rural Councils like ours to provide essential services to communities, the cost of which continues to increase, then more Federal tax revenue needs to be allocated to us by a much simpler State formula.  FAG Events Nationally paid to Local government total 0.6% of Federal tax revenue.  This figure needs to be doubled, and a State formula changed to ensure small Councils like ours get more of this money, and less goes to wealthy large city Councils.

We hope all our Senior Actives enjoy the varied program during Seniors Week, one of the many annual events that had to be cancelled last year.  Thank you for all the constructive work you do as volunteers in our community.  Free admission for Seniors is available to the Museum this week, with all the upgrades and improvements there well worth a look.

As another swimming season draws to a close, appreciation is extended to Scott, his team of helpers and any Shire people involved for the immaculate condition the pool and surrounds have been maintained.  The fibreglass bottom, (despite a few bubbles), solar heating and blanket have all helped to keep our pool an attractive local amenity, with a new waterslide to be installed during the winter.

We had our annual village tour last week visiting community representatives in Coolabah, Girilambone and Hermidale.  Thank you to those who attended the meetings with the local efforts many of you make to help maintain your villages is certainly appreciated.  Main improvements are a new toilet and roadside amenities at Coolabah, continued restoration of the railway station at Girilambone and a new toilet and park amenities at Hermidale.  Bogan Shire employees visit when necessary to help keep services operational.

Some 15,000 signatures have apparently been collected on a petition to have flashing lights installed at all level rail crossings in NSW, following a double fatality when a truck and train collided at a level crossing near Grenfell earlier this year.  The wife of one of the men killed has started this petition.  Wanting flashing lights at all level crossings is perhaps unnecessary, as single private road crossings can’t justify the expense, however level crossings like ours in Hoskins Street should surely have lights.  Hopefully the over 400 signatures on our petition can be added to this one, or if not a copy for signatures become available locally.

The State Electoral Commission have started sending out emails advising the regulatory process involved for candidates and potential parties leading up to the Local Government elections in September.  One major change appears to be that postal votes must all be organised via the Electoral Commissioner, not the local Returning Officer.  Recent elections have seen the whole election process become excessively regulated, to the detriment of interesting local ratepayers to stand for Council.  Councillors and candidates who have illegally become involved with property developers, misuse of campaign funds by political parties and illegal fund raising and advertising are some of the main reasons for this. Authorities instead of only punishing those who have infringed, have forced unnecessary and excessive regulations into the whole campaign process.  Unless a better balance is achieved to encourage locals to stand for Council thinking they can represent their community’s needs free of legal restrictions, Governments efforts to encourage people to stand for Council won’t achieve much.

Anzac Day on Sunday will see a welcome return to our normal program with the Dawn Service at the Cenotaph at 6.00am, followed by a service at the Cemetery (9.00am) and then 11.00am main Remembrance Service at the Cenotaph, followed by the Anzac Day race meeting. 

Lest we Forget.

Ray Donald OAM


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