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Derek Francis and I attended the end of year Nyngan High School presentation on Monday the 12th of December to deliver awards for deserving students. I was also invited to Nyngan Public School presentation night on Tuesday the 6th of December to celebrate their end of year, unfortunately I was away for the St Joseph’s Primary School, Hermidale and Girilambone Public School celebrations. It’s amazing how quickly the year is going by, it’s so great to see so many children in the community striving to succeed. I think our communities’ schools play an amazing part to our community and for building our next generations for years to come.

The lighting of the very first Nyngan Christmas tree took place in Davidson Park on the evening of Thursday 8th of December 2022. The event was a great success. Thank you to all those involved in the organisation I’m sure it will become a yearly event.

I attended the Hermidale Future Farmers Cut-Out Harvest Party on Saturday night the 10th of December in Hermidale, it was a fantastic evening. This was a celebration for this year’s successful cropping and a thank you for their community and all the sponsors involved in their project. This has been a great educational experience for the children from the planting of the crop through to the harvesting process and then onto the mill to watch the flour milling process. Congratulations to all those involved, it’s not only been a major promotion for Hermidale School, but for the whole of the Bogan Shire.

Finally flood water has receded throughout the Shire allowing Council staff to access the damaged roads and to commence emergency repair work where they can. Harvest has obviously impacted many roads but the Council will be doing what they can to keep trucks flowing and will do further repair works once harvest is completed and assessments can be done for what is required. Kerb and Gutter contractors, along with Council staff have been completing numerous kerb and gutter upgrades in town. It was very efficiently finished without too much disruption.

Council will hold its final Council meeting on Thursday the 15th of December. This will be the final meeting until February 2023. I’d like to thank my fellow Councillors and staff for all the help they have given me over the past twelve months and look forward to 2023. I’d also like to take the opportunity to wish everyone a merry and safe Christmas, and wish everyone all the best for 2023.

That’s a wrap for the year

Thank you

Mayor Glen Neill

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