The goal of Council is to provide a safe and trafficable network of roads within Bogan Shire. The total road length within the Shire is 1821 kilometres. Roadworks are funded from Federal and State Government grants and general revenue.

Council undertakes planned bituminous patching and periodic bitumen resealing to rejuvenate existing seals and the maintenance grading, gravel resheeting and patching of unsealed roads, also shoulder grading and slashing, signposting, line marking and guide posting, bridge and culvert repairs, flood restoration and new construction works.

Council also maintains sections of state roads within the Shire as a contractor to the Roads and Traffic Authority. It is directly responsible for and maintains the network for regional and local roads.

The streets within Nyngan, Hermidale, Girilambone and Coolabah are also maintained by Council. This involves minor surface repairs, bitumen reseals and shape correction.

Ancillary services provide for the maintenance and reconstruction of existing footpaths and kerbs and gutters within Nyngan and the three villages. Council also provides street lighting, lopping of trees and slashing of nature strips within the town environs.