Waste & Recycling

The goal of Council is to provide a clean and visibily presentable town.

Council provides a weekly garbage collection service in Nyngan and maintains the waste disposal depots in Nyngan and the three villages. Residents are reminded to place their garbage bins in the street with the arrow facing the street to ensure that the lid automatically closes when returned to the upright position after emptying. Additional items placed alongside will not be collected.

Business houses are urged to organise a system that will adequately meet their needs in relation to cardboard boxes. Residents are reminded not to place heavy objects or hot ashes in their mobile bins, as this will cause damage to them.

The commercial area of Nyngan is swept twice a week, with other areas of the town swept monthly.



Bogan Shire Council has implemented a fortnightly recycling service for the residents of Nyngan. The set up cost for council was $60,000 including the initial cost of purchasing and delivery of the new bins to each household. The new recycling bin provided by Bogan Shire Council will belong to the property at which you currently live.

A new 240lt Blue bin with Yellow lid has been specially designed to accommodate the recyclables from Nyngan. The diverting of recyclable materials from landfill to Carlginda Enterprises at Gilgranda is good for the environment and extends the life of our own landfill site which is good for the residents of Nyngan.

Please do not hesitate to contact Bogan Shire Council if you have any questions about the bins or the recycling program.

For more information view Council's Recycling Information Pack by clicking the link below

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pdfRecycling Flyer

2023 Residential Waste Collection Calendar

2024 Residential Waste Collection Calendar

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