Companion Animals

Residents are reminded that all dogs are required to be microchipped and registered under the requirements of the Companion Animals Act. Council has resolved that all dog owners must comply with the Act and all residences may be surveyed to determine the ownership of dogs. The cost of microchipping and registration is as set out hereunder:


Companion Animals - Life Long Registration

  • Entire (not de-sexed) Dog (or desexed after relevant age) $252.00
  • Entire (not de-sexed) Cat $65.00 
  • De-sexed Dog $75.00 
  • De-sexed Cat $65.00 
  • Pound/Shelter dog (de-sexed) $0.00
  • Pound/Shelter cat (de-sexed) $0.00
  • Dog Owned by a Registered Breeder or desexing not recommended $69.00 
  • Dog—Working, Service of the State and Assistance $0.00
  • Cat Owned by a Registered Breeder or desexing not recommended $65.00 
  • De-sexed Cat or Dog Owned by a Pensioner* $32.00 
  • Registration late fee—Animals not registered within 28 days of date the animal is required to be registered. $21.00
  • Annual Permit—Cat not desexed by four months of age (exemptions apply to cats registered before 1/7/2020, cats kept for
    breeding purposes by members of recognised breeding bodies and cats that cannot be desexed due to medical reasons)  $92.00
  • Annual Permit—Restricted breed dogs or declared dangerous (applies to dogs already registered)  $221.00
  • Permit Late Fee $21.00
  • * An eligible pensioner includes a person in receipt of the aged pension, war widow pension or disability pension or the
    holder of a Pensioner Concession Card.

Dog off leash area:

Council has a designated “Off-Leash” area which is located at the corner of Terangion and Cannonbar Streets Nyngan.

Conditions of use are applicable and signposted upon entry.


Should you require any further information please contact Council's Ranger or Council's Manager of Environmental Services. The Companion Animal Act was introduced by the NSW Government in 1998 to protect pets, their owners and the broader community. Under the Act, all owners of puppies and kittens must take two steps to provide lifetime protection for their pet:

  • Step One Puppies and kittens must, by 12 weeks of age, be permanently identified through microchipping.
  • Step Two They must also be registered through a local council on the NSW Companion Animals Register.

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Things that owners of dogs in rural communities in NSW need to know

Dog attacks in rural NSW

Farmers are the backbone of rural Australia. Dog attacks from both wild dogs and from dogs that are not propoerly controlled by their owners can have a negative impact on a farmer's livelihood. It is estimated that dog attacks on livestock cost farmers thousands of dollars each year in lost income. 

Wild dog populations comprise of dingoes, feral dogs and crossbreeds of the two. Dog attacks, whether by wild dogs or domestic pets, not only kill livestock, but can also reduce sheep flock production. 

To read the full brochure, click on the image on the left to download the 'Dogs in Rural Communities' brochure




What do owners of Restricted dogs in NSW need to know

Changes to the Companion Animals Legislation introduced increased control provions for restricted and declared dangerous dogs as well as higher penalties for non-compliance. This may include the seizure and destruction of a dog in certain circomstances.

This brochure outlines responsibilities under the companion Animals Act 1998 (the Act) and the Companion Animals Regulation 1999 for the owners of restricted and dangerous dogs.

To read the full brochure, click on the image on the left to download the 'Restricted and Dangerous Dogs in NSW'brochure



Two steps for lifetime protection of your dog and cat

The Companion Animals Act 1998 was introduced in New South Wales on 1st July 1999 to protect pets, people and the wider community.

More than 150,000 dogs and cats are lost or stolen every year in NSW. Many are impounded because thier owner cannot be contacted. Some may end up being rehomed or even destroyed. To decrease the number of pets that are euthanased each year, the Companion animals Act requires that all NSW dog and cat owners have thier pets permanently identified and registered for life.

To read the

full brochure, click on the image on the left to download the 'Information for Dog Owners in NSW'brochure



Microchipping and Registration

Microchipping and Registration is a two step process that required cat owners to:

  • 1. Have their animals implanted with a microchip by the time they are 12 weeks of age, at point of sale or change of ownership (whichever occurs first).
  • 2. Register their animals with the NSW local council by 6 months of age.

Please note. Cats settled with their owners before the commencement of the Companion Animals Act on 1st July, 1999 are exempt from lifetime registration. However, they must be identified by either a microchip or a collar with a tag attached that shows the name of the cat and the address or phone number of the owner. 


To read the full brochure, click on the image on the left to download the 'Information for Cat Owners in NSW'brochure



 Dog Off - leash Area

Council provides and "Off - leash" area which is the area north of the work's Depot Between the Levee bank and the Bogan River to the south eastern corner - lot 3,Dp 746 465 (opposite the property "Yelate".



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