museum 400Nyngan Museum is located in the Railway Square and is open Monday to Friday 9am - 4pm and by request on weekends.
On display are:

  • Boards depicting our history from 1835 when Major Mitchell first ventured down the Bogan River to find many waterholes
  • Photographs and history of the Nyngan area
  • Video and Photographs of the April 1990 Flood
  • Audio room where older Nyngan residents' stories can be heard
  • Display of a 1800's kitchen from Gilgione Station
  • A railway display showing the important role the railway played in the history of Nyngan. On display is the railway switchboard, several pieces of luggage, and railway lanterns
  • The switchboard from the local telephone exchange. One of five that made up the Switchboard Information Service of the Post Office from 1854 to 1975
  • Microfilm reader - with micro film of the Nyngan Newspapers from 1898 to 1996
  • Scale model of the Girilambone Copper Company along with many samples of ore
  • Doll Room
  • New Remembrance Room


 Locally made products and merchandise is availabe for purchase at the museum.


Mid State Shearing Shed

shearing shed 300The Mid-State Shearing Shed was built in a disused railway goods shed by a group of retired shearers and the people of Nyngan. Their wish was to inform the public of the important contribution that the shearing industry is continuing to make to Nyngan and New South Wales.

The organisers also wished for the Mid-State Shearing Shed to display the talents of the local artists with the inclusion of large murals  of the walls.

The Mid-State Shearing Shed is situated on the Mitchell Highway adjacent to a parking bay and Heritage Park.

Open from 9:00am - 12:00pm Monday to Friday, or by appointment: Phone: Frank Walsh 02 6832 1381.

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New South Wales

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