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Street: Cobar St
Postcode: 2825
City: Nyngan
State: NSW
Country: Australia
Phone: (02) 6884 8526
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The Bogan/Warren Homelessness & Housing P Support Services provides support to women with or without children who are homeless, in unsafe housing or at risk of being homeless as a result of eperiencing a domestic and family violence. 

The service will provide support to clients across the area with the following approaches:

Service Activities

  • Support and case work is provided to women and children escaping domestic and family violence.
  • Provide temporary accommodation to support the urgent accommodation needs of women with or without children escaping family violence.
  • Develop relationships with Police, FaCs, Health, Link2Home, Child, family and youth providers and temporary accomodation providers.
  • Provide access to mainstream and/or specialist support services such as mental health services, family support, financial help or counselling, legal advice, education and employment opportunities and community participation.
  • Ensure that after hours emotional support are available to women and children in temporary accommodation in Bogan and Warren.
  • Develop partnerships with neighbouring SHS refuges to facilitate access to their services.


  • Women and children escaping domestic & family violence are supported to access temporary accommodation.
  • Women and children escaping domestic & family violence who experience homelessness are rapidly and safely re-housed.
  • Women and children escaping domestic & family violence who are re-housed after becoming homeless are supported to stay housed.

Mission Australia Dubbo Office-

110-114 Maquarie St, Dubbo NSW. Ph: (02) 6884 8526. Fax: (02) 6884 8527.

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Contact Us

Bogan Shire Council

81 Cobar Street 

P.O. Box 221
Nyngan, 2825
New South Wales

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Ph: (02) 6835 9000
Fax: (02) 6835 9011

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