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At the last Nyngan Multi-Purpose Service meeting held on Wednesday 25th October 2023, the working group agreed to publicise the following message from the Local Health District regarding accommodation. “It is very important that we do our best as a community to try and find short and long-term accommodation for the nursing positions’. The staffing issues are still being addressed for the hospital but once the positions are able to be filled through foreign workers the Bogan Shire, like many small towns, will struggle with accommodation for the workers. If you think you may have something available, accommodation wise, to offer for workers to help with the ongoing crisis for the Nyngan MPS to be able to staff for more beds, and not send patients to neighbouring towns please get in contact with the Bogan Shire Council or Jenny Griffiths Nyngan MPS 02 6835 1700”.

Davidson Park upgrades in Nyngan’s main street was part of a discussion at the council meeting held on Thursday 26th October 2023. In 2020 council developed a masterplan as a part of grant funded works, these works included new pathways, toilet upgrades, a new terraced area, new shelters, painting of the gazebo and renovations to the CWA hall, all of which are now nearing completion. The upgrades have drawn attention to other aspects that could do with improvement. The six palm trees along the main path into the park have grown very tall, diminishing their visual impact. They also don’t create much shade and cause mess when they drop fronds. It was decided they be replaced with shade trees. The garden beds are requiring repairs and several plaques through the garden beds will be obscured if the recessed beds are planted to full effect. It was suggested that the gardens be modified and that all plaques be relocated, to possibly the northern or southern area of the mural wall. Suggestions to signage upgrades included a map similar to the map located at the Nyngan Museum, which shows the towns attractions and locations of facilities. The improvements will include the replacement of faulty irrigation systems, garden beds, renewing soil, replanting, and some grassed areas to be re-turfed. The cost incurred to cover the suggested works could be funded by existing grant funds. If further funding is required, it will be sought through a budget review process.

The Teamsters Rest parking area final works have begun on the driveway, shelters and parking space. Yarran Hut road works will be completed this week, including the line marking and drainage being completed. The Merryanbone Road widening and pavement improvements are continuing, Colane Road widening and pavement improvements have been completed with the re-sheeting to commence. The Benah Road full length gravel re-sheeting has commenced and heavy patching repairs on Pangee Road are still ongoing.

Hopefully harvest is being somewhat successful for a few in the district and we get some much need rain in the next fortnight.

Mayor Glen Neill

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